Most CRM projects fail because of poor support. Masao has therefore put in place adapted solutions to maximize user buy-in and offer a continuous evolution of the tool to meet the needs of users.

Accompanying change

A CRM project is often structuring and involves reorganizations and changes in the functional scope of employees. Thus, we recommend organizing workshops throughout the project with future users in order to communicate and reassure about these changes and to give them the keys in order to effectively exploit their future tool.

There is no point in having a CRM if it is not used. We offer you to train all your users to maximize adherence to the new tool. We also train key and technical users to make you as independent as possible.

Skills transfer

Service center

Because user needs evolve with the use and functionality of the CRM, we offer you access to a service center to ensure the functional and technical durability of your tool but also to guarantee its accessibility by Continues.