The leading French human resources group, Synergie puts its expertise at the service of candidates, temporary workers and companies in all the professions of Recruitment CDD-CDI, acting, training and HR consulting.

Project issues

  • Solution to manage the entire recruitment part
  • Tool performance
  • safety
  • Integration with IS


Functional contributions: Simplification of the recruitment process, overall monitoring of the activity of recruiters/managers, sharing the repository with all the employees and standard features of the CRM.


  • Project carried out in AGILE mode, carried out in iteration, delivery of modules until production.
  • Setting up different interfaces for the ATS module to communicate with different information systems (BackOffice, CRM, Website, …).
  • Compliance with deadlines and commitments (mandatory change at the end of the year).
  • Definition of fine rights management.

Technical environment

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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