Spie Batignolles

Spie batignolles is resolutely committed, innovative and open to the world. This vision is at the heart of our identity and our daily lives: we want to make sense and create lasting value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Project issues

Manage all the activities of salespeople, by sector, within a single tool:

  • From the initial qualification of customer need to the closing of the opportunity
  • Creating leads from multiple sources (Astree, …)
  • Marketing management
  • Management of salespeople by agencies


Functional contributions: management of prospecting activities (phone calls, appointments, …, opportunity management, agency management by sector and account management.


  • Analysis, design and development of a tailor-made module tailored to the business needs of Spie Batignolles salespeople on a Dynamics 365 base
  • Defining a Target Architecture (D365, Outlook)
  • Tracking requests and developments via the Masao service centre

Technical environment

Implementation of a franchise management solution with Microsoft Dynamics

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