Masao Presentation

Masao was created in 2006 by two former project directors, Olivier Peiffer and Eric Soldati. The objective was to develop a unique know-how in the realization of projects around the customer relationship. Masao quickly became a key expert on Microsoft technologies.

Our team is at your service

Masao means above all a human sized structure with a strong team and sharing spirit. In this way, our co-workers are selected through the organization of many events to strengthen and maintain this cohesion which is highly appreciated by our clients.


Head of operations
True dynamics and a corporate culture rain within Masao, resulting in our very low turn-over. You feel at ease. It is a success!


Sales manager
Every client has its own characteristics and is unique, a blessing which allow us to be more and more performing and relevant.


Associate Director
Masao is an exceptional aventure both on the human and the entrepreneurial level


Associate Director
I am proud of all our team thanks to which we were able to develop a real technical expertise and a know-how now recognized in the world of CRM, BI and collaborative.

Today Masao intervenes with more than 300 clients from all sectors but nevertheless remains a structure on a human scale with a strong team spirit and sharing. Our employees are therefore selected in this way with the organization of numerous events to consolidate and maintain this cohesion, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

Ils nous font déjà confiance