Masao group

Masao has a group dynamic with an entrepreneurial policy which allows the maintainance of a start-up spirit while at the same time being a mature group of 8 companies with more than 70 employees in Europe.

CAP MASAO is the Spanish subsidiary based in Madrid, since 2008. The company offers CRM consulting, outsourcing in web development and telemarketing. CAP MASAO also manages Masao’s service centre. Today, the turnover exceeds 500k€ with a workforce of 13 employees, including 3 consultants in France.

offers mobile business applications intended with BtoB (distribution sector) and BtoC (retail sector) sales force. These native applications adjust to the business needs of each customer. Today, the team consists of 4 people in France and 3 people in Ukraine. Our applications are deployed to various accounts with a strong ROI and a full user membership. We will build on these successes to respond to this growing market and to expand our functional scope.

Sismeo, the group’s web agency. ‘Support our customers in a sustainable way, be successful together’. Our profession: listen, understand, analyze, transform and so, provide success to our customers. As a digital communication consulting agency, our priority is to listen to your projects, to listen to technological innovations as to be source of proposals and added value. With our logo with great online visibility, we bring effective and sustainable solutions. We are experts in WordPress, Drupal and Prestashop, as well as in conversion

Logo Henley 2011 v2Henley is an independent company specialized in publishing specific software for works councils, trade unions and associations.Based on project methods derived from experiences in large companies, Henley develops and deploys efficient and ergonomic accounting, management and communication solutions. With the single aim of meeting the customers’ expectations.

Henley iT guides you throughout your project by positioning itself as a true partner.

Over the years, our software platform has become a reference solution in accounting and management. Our platform has been natively designed in order to be evolving and adaptable to each customer context, always in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Since 2010, we support our clients on their communication and management projects. Today, more than 400 websites use our solution.

Logo BW-03_0Biz&Worth, the group’s consulting firm since 2015. Specialized in project management, works management assistance, process reengineering and change management. Our resources are based on integration of information systems and on business consulting, allowing us to facilitate trade between Business Departments and IT Structures, in particular Marketing & Sales Departments, Financial Departments and CIOs. To date, the team counts 4 people: Aida, Amanda, Ismael and Daniel with a turnover of 160K €. Biz & Worth has several key areas of development, including digital marketing and supporting change on CRM Dynamics projects.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajxaaaajdyxotu4zmrlltdlmtktndq3yi05zwmzltq4nza4nwiyognknqDigitim was created in 2016 and already counts 6 coworkers. The objective is to become a key actor in the world of mobility, using three customized service offers:

DigiSmart to optimize terminal administration costs (extended warranty, insurance, funding and reconditioned equipment).

DigiWorks to manage the company’s terminals (consulting, integration, administration and assistance in Enterprise Mobility Management solutions).

DigiThings for monitoring and operational deployment of connected objects (smart devices, connectivity and platforms).


prexemPrexem is a platform of bearing loans for companies funded directly by individuals who monthly receive return of capital portion and interest (between 5% and 10%). The platform differs from others in that it offers the project selection approach ‘quantamentale’, which combines quantitative analysis (due to its algorithm developed in partnership with the École Polytechnique), the analysts’ credit-evaluation and an innovative protection fund, new to France, which protects the investment entirely or partly. Counting 5 people, Prexem has already received funding requests for more than 70 million euros and notices, to this date, 0% borrowers’ loan default.

Logo FastBiz BDFastbiz is a software publisher for sales assistance for SMEs in SaaS mode. Today, the offer is based on two tools: the virtual office used for all conventional CRM processes, and FastBiz BI for sophisticated and intuitive data analysis. We are clearly oriented “business” and “SME”. This implies that we offer simple and complete tools, zero client-installation, highly configurable and adaptable to the client context. Today, Fastbiz has more than 100 users.

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