Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that enables organizations to be ubiquitous, sell efficiently and productively, and use smarter marketing.



Dynamics 365 is a global and customizable solution for managing and developing the customer relationship.

This solution is aimed at the sales, marketing and customer service departments, with features designed to be present throughout the entire customer journey.


• Turn your relationships into sales

• Get a better overview of your customers and opportunities

• Sell smarter with built-in intelligence

• Encourage relationships through genuine, personal involvement

  Field service

• Innovate with an active pro service

• Optimize your resources

• Increase the efficiency of technicians

• Promote better results with the Internet of Things

• Involve your customers


• Turn prospects into business relationships

• Create and consolidate prospects

• Connect marketing and sales

• Make more effective decisions

• Innovate with a modern and flexible platform

Customer service

• Sustain your customers’ loyalty

• Connect with customers on any channel or device

• Offer a fast and personalized service and support

• Take advantage of each interaction


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