Adobe Experience Week 2018

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5 days to become a creator of experiences.

Orchestration of Marketing Campaigns
How to customize, automate and distribute your cross-channel campaigns (email, sms, mail, push, display, etc.)?

Customers surf on a multitude of channels. They move from one to the other, creating countless opportunities for interaction with your brand. It is essential that the right message reaches the right audience, on every channel. So, play the consistency card every time your customers experience your message.
During this morning dedicated to digital marketing professionals, discover how:
-Combine online and offline data of your customers into a centralized profile
-Orchestrate your campaigns through your channels and 3rd party
-Customize your messages for each contact and contextualize them
-Reach / reach your customers at the right time and with significant experience

08h45: Welcome & Breakfast in the lounge area of the TF1 Tower
09h30: Introduction – Become a creator of experiences
Glwadys Rialland, Specialist Solution, Adobe Campaign
09:40: What are the trends for 2018? Take the next step by providing unique experiences to your customers.
10:10: How to build a cross-channel customer experience, build loyalty and generate additional revenue & measure the performance and ROI of your campaigns? Put yourself in the shoes of a marketer!
10:35 am: A strong partnership that materializes: The integration between Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365!
11:00: What’s next? How to go further with the AI?
11:10: Questions and Answers
11:20: Networking & Cocktail in the lounge area of the TF1 Tower